strongsilent: (pic#5956477)
PKMN Trainer Red ([personal profile] strongsilent) wrote in [personal profile] ashitaka 2013-04-13 07:29 pm (UTC)

"a chatty gossip like you"

wasn't really interested in being a trainer until Blue was because then Blue started to act like he was better than everyone cause he was the local professor's grandkid so he'd get a Pokémon first and all

as such he didn't make it a habit to capture creatures, just took what he was given and in the case of eevee found

the only exception to this is Plumer, who he caught so he could come and go as he pleased past small trees (using HM01 Cut) and ended up keeping because she was so lovely

being champion is so boring

ends all his pokemon's names with -er and changes them as they evolve like it's a rite of passage

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