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Lyra is made up of one thing and that is exclamation points! Or Energy. Whichever you prefer. The girl's just eleven, going on twelve, and it shows in her unabashed curiosity and willingness to give anyone a chance. And any Pokémon.

(Even Magikarp can be strong!)

She has a strong heart, which resonated with Ho-Oh, and that's what keeps her strong despite the bad times. Very much an optimistic girl. Even to a fault. Might be of an annoyance to others, but as a whole she seems pretty well-liked for her cheerful and friendly demeanor.

She's a Starter-Only run with a Meganium. Due to a bet with her Ethan, who took her up on her boast that she could totally go around Johto with just her little Chikorita and kick butt. She's still obedient and collected Pokémon for the Pokédex - as such, she's pretty much filled it the best she can - but she's only used Sprouty for any sort of battling.

Lyra thinks people who were bad can change for the better, and wants to be friends with everyone she can. Especially Silver.

She enjoys battling since she and Sprouty have been working with each other for so long, but isn't against just hanging out and won't challenge people right out. She's very much a "if you wanna battle okay but let's hang out too" kind of protagonist.

Loves a challenge! Likes to go up to Mt. Silver to hang out with Red! Pushes her way into Gyms to hang out with the Leaders! Has a love of ancient places and is looking for the softly spoken of Sinjoh Ruins! Captured all the Unown and solved the puzzles! She's a Ruins Maniac!

Absolutely despises littering and litterers.
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