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let's trade numbers

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Nature: Brave
Hometown: Nuvema Town
D.O.B: October 10th
Zodiac: Libra (Lampent)
Lucky Item: Choice Scarf
Likes: Battling, history, old love songs
Dislikes: Misunderstandings, phonies, ghosts
Favorite Type: Earnest
Pokémon White
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i guess i'd describe myself as...

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A young man who never thought he'd get wrapped into this whole hero business, Hilbert is definitely someone who achieved greatness rather than being born into it. Growing up around Cheren and Bianca gave him the role of a peacekeeper - someone to comfort and dream big with Bianca when Cheren did his usual snark routine, someone to discuss important things with Cheren and to help his bro out with figuring what was wrong with Bianca - and as such he grew into a natural leader between the three of them. The kind of person who, if he'd been a general in a different time, would run down into the enemy with his army.

While Hilbert did want to see the world just like his mom and dad had before they had him, he wasn't exactly in any rush until his birthday came around. Then, it was time. Professor Juniper had given them the choice between three Pokémon and as it was Hilbert's house he could choose first. It'd be a tough choice - The strong willed Tepig? The confident Snivy? Or... - but his path was sealed when the Oshawott had bashfully and fruitlessly tried to hide from his view.

"I'll take care of this one," he remembered saying. The Oshawott wasn't very confident in battling and had lost to both Bianca and Cheren's choices, but despite that Hilbert refused to give her up and had simply carried around in his jacket.

This was first of few to come.

Unlike Cheren, who saw Team Plasma's words as simple nonsense, Hilbert actually felt somewhat impacted by it and wondered if they were right. The odd N hadn't helped either and not for the first time he began to doubt himself. He was forced to push his personal feelings aside and followed Cheren, gym after gym, and swallowed them harder when N revealed himself as the king of Team Plasma. Though only his Pokémon knew, Hilbert actually kind of wanted to become N's friend.

Soon, there came a point where the young man could no longer push aside his feelings. He had to sit down and deal with them the best he could, but he didn't even get that chance. This was when he was asked to accept the Dark Stone that would hopefully awaken into Zekrom, the one who would follow a trainer with strong ideals.

The thing is... Though Hilbert's dream was something he felt strongly about, he wasn't sure if it was a "good" one or if it'd be enough to awaken the dragon.

To meet and befriend all the Pokémon he'd meet, that was his reason for setting out. It hadn't wavered since then. In comparison to N's world that included no such bonds between Pokémon and Trainer, it was definitely more of a common sense and really the opposite. But Hilbert had no other reason for traveling other than that, though he'd later realized that that line of thinking was encompassed by the thoughts that he wanted to, more than anything, protect the bonds he'd created with both people and Pokémon. That a world without those would be empty and stale. That kind of world, the one that N foresaw and wanted, was just one that Hilbert couldn't accept.

Just as he'd been prepared to take N on, dragon or not, his bravery and strong feelings awoke Zekrom and after a battle to prove himself to the dragon he had a new ally, though it only felt like he'd woken up to take on Reshiram.

After the debacle had ended Hilbert decided that through battles he'd made some wonderful friends, with both Pokémon and people, and continued through the Pokémon League a second time, claiming the title of Champion and sticking around to help others realize their dreams too as well as clean up what was left of Team Plasma's mess. However... Listening to some of the Sages speak so fondly of N before Looker came to pick them up had him thinking. Where was N now? What sort of journey was he having? Was he eating okay?

And so it was only natural that he returned the title to Alder and bid a goodbye to Unova, in search of the Trainer that had helped him to grow. To thank him. And, perhaps, to battle him once again.

Hilbert is a very strong-willed person when it comes to what he believes, but he doesn't like to debate about things since he's never been super good with words. Fine enough socially, but asking an argument out of him? No way. This is why he was thankful he could try and show what he wanted to say through battle, by showing N the bonds between him and his team, that they can live perfectly fine in harmony. While he won't always seek battling out as his first answer, it's an option he likes because he trusts his Pokémon so much and people tend to be more willing to listen after you've popped their big heads.

Though he was unsure of his own heart because of N's beliefs and Team Plasma's words, he stepped forward because he didn't want to lose what he had with his friends. Every moment, even the losses, had become precious to him. This courage is what made him straighten up and look Zekrom in the eye and to ask the dragon to fight beside him.

Because courage isn't a lack of fear, it's doing what you believe is right against the odds.
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there's a lot to know!

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likes to battle because it brings people together

"words only create misunderstandings!" is his motto, but he talks a lot regardless

prefers to get his feelings across with battle and actions in general

cheren is his bro and bianca his sis he has a crush on his battle partner hilda and admires/respects n a lot if it weren't for him he would've never realized what he could do by believing in his own heart
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Level 85
Often lost in thought.
Holding: Splash Plate
Aqua Jet Slash Swords Dance Hydro Pump

*Unused known moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Water Sport, Focus Energy, Razor Shell, Fury Cutter, Water Pulse, Revenge, Encore, Aqua Tail, Retaliate, Megahorn, Water Pledge (Tutor), Return (TM)
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Level 85
Sand Rush
Holding: BlackGlasses
Take Down Work Up Crunch Reversal

*Unused known moves: Leer, Tackle, Odor Sleuth, Bite, Helping Hand, Roar, Retaliate, Last Resort, Giga Impact, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Return (TM)
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Level 85
Sheer Force
Alert to sounds.
Holding: Expert Belt
Chip Away Bulk Up Rock Slide Hammer Arm

*Unused known moves: Pound, Leer, Focus Energy, Bide, Low Kick, Rock Throw, Wake-Up Slap, DynamicPunch, Scary Face, Stone Edge, Focus Punch, Superpower, Return (TM), Strength (HM)
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Level 85
Snow Cloak
Likes to relax.
Holding: NeverMelt Ice
Brine Icicle Crash Rest Sheer Cold

*Unused known moves: Growl, Bide, Icy Wind, Fury Swipes, Charm, Endure, Swagger, Slash, Flail, Blizzard, Hail, Thrash, Superpower, Aqua Jet, Powder Snow, Return (TM), Surf (HM)
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Level 85
Magic Guard
Quick to flee.
Holding: Twisted Spoon
Endeavor Future Sight Psychic Dizzy Punch

*Unused known moves: Reflect, Rollout, Snatch, Hidden Power, Light Screen, Charm, Recover, Psyshock, Pain Split, Skill Swap, Heal Block, Wonder Room, Psywave, Return (TM)
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Level 85
Very finicky.
Holding: Draco Plate
Slash Zen Headbutt Fusion Bolt Crunch

*Unused known moves: Thunder Fang, Dragon Rage, Imprison, AncientPower, Thunderbolt, DragonBreath, Dragon Claw, Thunder, Outrage
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