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a big jokester despite his look

which is composed

kind of like that guy who's looking out the window waiting for the light to change you know the one totally bored of what you're talking about can we get a move on?? beep beep

he has a crush on dawn and basically anyone who gives him a thrill which includes his best friend

the only thing that keeps him from being a villain is his morals, which state that:

- using legendary pokemon is wrong
- hurting pokemon is wrong
- hurting others is wrong
- if you do bad things you are a bad person no questions asked fuck off

he tossed the master ball cyrus gave him the moment he could, right into the distortion world, because he'd rather battle legends than have them as his own

(nala is legendary in her own right tbh)

his pokemon are all named on the spot the moment he sees them

kong (king kong)
virginia (after his aunt)
nala (lion luxray king)
donald (duck)
zorro (roserade looked like the masked hero)
rudolph (he looks like one)
theodore (seems sophisticated enough)
trouncer (got a lot of critical hits; trounced)
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