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A boy of eleven years with the weight of the world on his shoulders, he's a true fall boy in the sense that he's always at the wrong place at the wrong time for justice.

Red and Blue would often play together as children, though once his friend became snotty and a brat because he was going to get a Pokémon (which Red didn't care about tbh) they separated. Blue had no trouble picking on the quiet kid about anything and everything, though to be honest it was really just insensitive teasing. The Pokémon Professor's grandson is a good kid. Due to this, they had a natural competitiveness that permeated even their bathroom times. Who can hold out the longest in a no-peeing competition?

(It was Red. But only because he cheated and used the bathroom before they began, unknown to Blue.)

Red is a quiet child by nature - Blue was always the louder of the two - but he's rather optimistic and upbeat. He's a little odd in that he was no interest in catching Pokémon, mumbling an 'OK' to Professor Oak in a half-hearted promise, and changes his Pokémons' names as they evolve. Otherwise, his favorite activity is collecting and comparing rocks. The evolution stones really caught his interest, and the only Pokémon that did the same was Eevee due to its ability to evolve using three of the five. It's too bad they're so rare, huh?

He chose Squirtle because it looked the easiest to take care of - Charmander was too rowdy and Bulbasaur was a plant - and unknowingly set himself onto a very difficult path. Surprisingly, it's the only one of the three that can't learn a very important Hidden Machine - Cut. For lack of a better name, he called the turtle Ler and it stayed like that until Wartortle evolved into Blastoise aboard the S.S. Anne.

Then he became Toiser.

Since he'd never been interested in completing the Pokédex, Red never caught any Pokémon towards that. He had Pokémon gifted to him (Squirtle, Lapras, Hitmonchan), bought (Magikarp), found (Eevee), and revived (Aerodactyl, Kabuto). A "moocher" kind of guy. The sole exception to this rule was the Oddish he caught in order to get past Lt. Surge's bushes, since none of his Pokémon could learn HM01 - cut.

Honestly, Plumer is one of his most enjoyable teammates and looks out for him. She's also the only girl on his team. She makes sure he and the rest of them are fairly well fed and taken care off, and has a soft spot for Eoner despite their different types.

Red has a fascination of stones and eagerly works to collect them, kind of like Steven Stone, and he's immensely interested in fossils and looks to revive them all one day.

Currently, he's still the Champion, but he's lost enjoyment in battling because of the pressure of having to be the best and strongest Trainer in all of Kanto, the hero who beat Team Rocket fearlessly and with such ease.

Red kind of just wishes he hadn't.
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