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Red (Original)

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Nature: Quirky
Hometown: Pallet Town
Blood Type: AB
Likes: Battling
Dislikes: Bullying
Favorite Type: Water
Pokémon Red
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"the strong silent type, huh?"

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A boy of eleven years with the weight of the world on his shoulders, he's a true fall boy in the sense that he's always at the wrong place at the wrong time for justice.

Red and Blue would often play together as children, though once his friend became snotty and a brat because he was going to get a Pokémon (which Red didn't care about tbh) they separated. Blue had no trouble picking on the quiet kid about anything and everything, though to be honest it was really just insensitive teasing. The Pokémon Professor's grandson is a good kid. Due to this, they had a natural competitiveness that permeated even their bathroom times. Who can hold out the longest in a no-peeing competition?

(It was Red. But only because he cheated and used the bathroom before they began, unknown to Blue.)

Red is a quiet child by nature - Blue was always the louder of the two - but he's rather optimistic and upbeat. He's a little odd in that he was no interest in catching Pokémon, mumbling an 'OK' to Professor Oak in a half-hearted promise, and changes his Pokémons' names as they evolve. Otherwise, his favorite activity is collecting and comparing rocks. The evolution stones really caught his interest, and the only Pokémon that did the same was Eevee due to its ability to evolve using three of the five. It's too bad they're so rare, huh?

He chose Squirtle because it looked the easiest to take care of - Charmander was too rowdy and Bulbasaur was a plant - and unknowingly set himself onto a very difficult path. Surprisingly, it's the only one of the three that can't learn a very important Hidden Machine - Cut. For lack of a better name, he called the turtle Ler and it stayed like that until Wartortle evolved into Blastoise aboard the S.S. Anne.

Then he became Toiser.

Since he'd never been interested in completing the Pokédex, Red never caught any Pokémon towards that. He had Pokémon gifted to him (Squirtle, Lapras, Hitmonchan), bought (Magikarp), found (Eevee), and revived (Aerodactyl, Kabuto). A "moocher" kind of guy. The sole exception to this rule was the Oddish he caught in order to get past Lt. Surge's bushes, since none of his Pokémon could learn HM01 - cut.

Honestly, Plumer is one of his most enjoyable teammates and looks out for him. She's also the only girl on his team. She makes sure he and the rest of them are fairly well fed and taken care off, and has a soft spot for Eoner despite their different types.

Red has a fascination of stones and eagerly works to collect them, kind of like Steven Stone, and he's immensely interested in fossils and looks to revive them all one day.

Currently, he's still the Champion, but he's lost enjoyment in battling because of the pressure of having to be the best and strongest Trainer in all of Kanto, the hero who beat Team Rocket fearlessly and with such ease.

Red kind of just wishes he hadn't.
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"a chatty gossip like you"

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wasn't really interested in being a trainer until Blue was because then Blue started to act like he was better than everyone cause he was the local professor's grandkid so he'd get a Pokémon first and all

as such he didn't make it a habit to capture creatures, just took what he was given and in the case of eevee found

the only exception to this is Plumer, who he caught so he could come and go as he pleased past small trees (using HM01 Cut) and ended up keeping because she was so lovely

being champion is so boring

ends all his pokemon's names with -er and changes them as they evolve like it's a rite of passage
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Nature: Bold
Hometown: New Bark Town
D.O.B: May 22nd (Taurus-Gemini Cusp)
Blood Type: B
Likes: archaeology, ruins, unown, myths, ancient things
Dislikes: littering, litterers, trash
Favorite Type: grass, ground
Pokémon HeartGold
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it's like this!

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Lyra is made up of one thing and that is exclamation points! Or Energy. Whichever you prefer. The girl's just eleven, going on twelve, and it shows in her unabashed curiosity and willingness to give anyone a chance. And any Pokémon.

(Even Magikarp can be strong!)

She has a strong heart, which resonated with Ho-Oh, and that's what keeps her strong despite the bad times. Very much an optimistic girl. Even to a fault. Might be of an annoyance to others, but as a whole she seems pretty well-liked for her cheerful and friendly demeanor.

She's a Starter-Only run with a Meganium. Due to a bet with her Ethan, who took her up on her boast that she could totally go around Johto with just her little Chikorita and kick butt. She's still obedient and collected Pokémon for the Pokédex - as such, she's pretty much filled it the best she can - but she's only used Sprouty for any sort of battling.

Lyra thinks people who were bad can change for the better, and wants to be friends with everyone she can. Especially Silver.

She enjoys battling since she and Sprouty have been working with each other for so long, but isn't against just hanging out and won't challenge people right out. She's very much a "if you wanna battle okay but let's hang out too" kind of protagonist.

Loves a challenge! Likes to go up to Mt. Silver to hang out with Red! Pushes her way into Gyms to hang out with the Leaders! Has a love of ancient places and is looking for the softly spoken of Sinjoh Ruins! Captured all the Unown and solved the puzzles! She's a Ruins Maniac!

Absolutely despises littering and litterers.
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used to have a tendency to lie to make herself look better but

she got over that

pretty quickly

because she found it really hard in comparison to the overly honest ethan and silver

has a crush on her childhood friend ethan and on that dashing young passerby boy oh and jasmine wow what a cute girl

has a passion for archaeology and has collected all the unown, solved all the puzzles, etc

hates littering to the point of nearly threatening those that do it
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Lucas (Partner)

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awkwardtorterra: (02 i've got my dex and i'm on my way)

i'm professor rowan's assistant.

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Nature: Sassy
Hometown: Sandgem Town
Blood Type: A
Likes: research, player character, travelling, pokémon
Favorite Type: evolving type
Pokémon Diamond/Pearl
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me? well...

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did you know that 90% of pokémon are linked with evolution?

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suffers from confidence issues due to being constantly compared to the player character by his family, but holds no resent towards her

he in fact has a crush on her

it's a cute crush

he really admires her and wow she's so cute her friend's a little fast but he's not too bad, he guesses

smells the roses
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Lucas (Protag)

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trainer card

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Nature: Rash
Hometown: Twinleaf Town
D.O.B: ???
Blood Type: O
Likes: battling, getting a thrill, power
Dislikes: Cyrus, losing
Favorite Type: Electric
Pokémon Platinum
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what about me?

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A boy of twelve years who can be accurately described as someone dealing with an onset of Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Lucas never minded following or being dragged around by his childhood friend, mostly because he never had anything else to do and Barry was something of a treasure to him, but he didn't like that the other boy always assumed he'd join him in doing stupid things. Oh no, when it came to attempt any plan that could cause him personal harm, Lucas always willfully stayed on the side and watched as Barry hurt himself doing whatever it was. While his friend would get angry at him for being so slow, Lucas always enjoyed these moments of stupidity.

Though Lucas knew Barry's "change of heart" and "maturity" came from the fact he wanted to see what type he'd get so he could get the advantageous one, the new Trainer took Chimchar for its energy and lithe body. Not because it reminded him of Barry or anything. That first battle they had sent a tremor to his heart though, and it was then on that Lucas knew that the only way he could laugh now was at this opponent's face. Because it was exciting! It was a thrill! It was--


He tends not to listen to others, particularly if they're lecturing him or instructing him on something that seems simple like how to ride a bike or run with shoes, and has a habit of joking around. Do you love Pokémon? No, but really yes. More accurately he loves the power Pokémon have and sought to increase it tenfold and become not the toughest, not the best, but the most undeniably unbeatable Trainer in the world.

This ambitious arrogance causes him to underestimate his opponents and overestimate himself, leading to quite a few losses he'll never accept. When Lucas loses, he doesn't blame himself but blames those around him - with the exception of his Pokémon, who he sees as merely creatures that have a set strength and if they're weak they're weak if they're strong they're strong. So it isn't their fault. This blame turns to a rage which can power one of two things: hatred, or the will to over level his Pokémon in order to crush his foe ruthlessly.

He hasn't lost once to Barry.

But he'd be lying if he said that his best friend didn't challenge him every step of the way.

While Lucas can appreciate strength, he can't accept using Pokémon in a way that hurts them. With Team Galactic's insistence of using the three Lake Guardians to the point of paining them, he felt an anger that would've let him kill Cyrus if he didn't want to end up like him. It translates pretty well to his Pokémon, Nala (his Luxray) in particular, and their ruthlessness is to be feared. Because they can actually kill. When Cyrus had the balls to give him a Master Ball, a device that could capture without fail, the first thing Lucas did was grudgingly stuff it away to dispose of properly later.

The Distortion World, with its peaceful eeriness, was a nice dumping spot.

Lucas doesn't believe in capturing legendaries because as powerful as they are they maintain a balance and to throw off that balance would create another incident he'd have to clean up. He hates getting into other people's business and keeps pretty much to himself in that regard. If you're looking sad but say nothing's wrong, he won't bother with it anymore. He's kind of insensitive. Unless you're Barry or Dawn. They're important to him, one being his best friend and both the other being his crush.

Besides, it's funner to battle and beat down against Gods than to own them.
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a big jokester despite his look

which is composed

kind of like that guy who's looking out the window waiting for the light to change you know the one totally bored of what you're talking about can we get a move on?? beep beep

he has a crush on dawn and basically anyone who gives him a thrill which includes his best friend

the only thing that keeps him from being a villain is his morals, which state that:

- using legendary pokemon is wrong
- hurting pokemon is wrong
- hurting others is wrong
- if you do bad things you are a bad person no questions asked fuck off

he tossed the master ball cyrus gave him the moment he could, right into the distortion world, because he'd rather battle legends than have them as his own

(nala is legendary in her own right tbh)

his pokemon are all named on the spot the moment he sees them

kong (king kong)
virginia (after his aunt)
nala (lion luxray king)
donald (duck)
zorro (roserade looked like the masked hero)
rudolph (he looks like one)
theodore (seems sophisticated enough)
trouncer (got a lot of critical hits; trounced)
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let's trade numbers

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Nature: Brave
Hometown: Nuvema Town
D.O.B: October 10th
Zodiac: Libra (Lampent)
Lucky Item: Choice Scarf
Likes: Battling, history, old love songs
Dislikes: Misunderstandings, phonies, ghosts
Favorite Type: Earnest
Pokémon White
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there's a lot to know!

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true companions

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Nature: Bold
Hometown: Unknown
D.O.B: Unknown
Zodiac: Unknown
Lucky Item: Unknown
Likes: all pokemon, hilbert/hilda, nate/rosa
Dislikes: people who don't try to understand
Favorite Type: all of them
Pokémon Black 2 and White 2
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dating info

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Nature: Impish
Hometown: Asperia City
D.O.B: May 12th
Zodiac: Taurus (Bouffalant)
Lucky Item: X Attack
Favorite Type:
Pokémon White 2
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what's on tv

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royal guard

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The King, Serperior

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The Captain, Lucario

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The Duchess, Fukano

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The Dame, Evoli

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The Lady-in-Waiting, Dressella

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The Knight, Caesurio

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The Marquise, Zapplarang

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The Chariot, Swaroness

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The Princess's Consort, Formeo

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The Guardian, Golgantes

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The Dragon, Dragoran*

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children of evoli and lucario

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The First Born, Aquana

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The Spirited, Blitza

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The Vain, Flamara

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The All-Knowing, Psiana

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The Only Daughter, Nachtara

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The Caustic, Glaziola

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The Youngest, Folipurba

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trainer card

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Nature: Adamant
Hometown: Twinleaf Town
Blood Type: B
Likes: Battling, trying new things, video games
Favorite Type:
Pokémon Pearl
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rough and tough

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hold my hat barry

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trainer card

[personal profile] beatenheart 2013-08-04 03:04 am (UTC)(link)
Nature: Sassy
Hometown: New Bark Town
Blood Type:
Likes: pokémon
Dislikes: being called a criminal
Favorite Type: strong

Sprite from ロケットだんいんしたっぱのヒビキとコトネがry by 佐倉フブキ
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(totally not stolen) pokemon

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